No. SNEA(I)/ASM/CHQ/08-09
Dated 07-02-09
Com G.L.Jogi
General Secretary
New Delhi
Sub: Leasing out of BSNL Towers to other pvt. Operators
Ref: 1) 61-39/2008-CMTS-lnfra dt 16-01-09
2) 61-39/2008-CMTS-lnfra dt 29/01/09
Dear Com,
The decision of BSNL management at corporate office to lease out BSNL infrastructure
was all along been opposed by us and the have been successful for quite sometime.. But with
reference to the letters (copy enclosed) the situation have been made very alarming as it sends the
signal that the green card required by the pvt. Operators is ready. Once a slot are occupied in the
BSNL towers by the pvt. Operators days will not be far ahead when they will ask for sharing of
power bldg etc because without i> tJlower will be of no use. Further if some day BSNL decides to
launch some services and requires the slot /hanger where the pvt operators have placed their
antenna BSNL will not be in a position to get back that position. More important of all BSNL have
installed those Towers(GBTs) after doing lot of survey to get clear line of sight which the pvt.
Operators are going to get without any difficulty/engineering. Again at the state latitude and
longitude of the existing towers of BSNL the pvt. Operators will get their SACFA clearance from the
WPC wing of DOT and our SACFA clearance will be rejected on the ground that at the given latitude
and longitude already SACFA clearance have been given to some operators. Hence from all the
strategic points it is not at all advisable to allow pvt. Operators to take BSNL towers on lease come
whatever the amount of rent they decide to pay. BSNL should not go for tenant landlord business
with stratregic engineering installation but may only do with complimentary service providers like
banks insurance etc by letting out spare bldgs to such organisations for use of offices/ATMs
customer services etc. but for Gods sake it should not be with pvt operators. We sincerely request
you to intervene seriously and if required to go to any extent of organizational actions required.
With best wishes
Comradely yours
(V.Nath) Circle secretary Assam