The 7th CEC, SNEA(I), Assam Circle


The 7th CEC of Assam SNEA(I) was held on 25th August 2011 at the Multipurpose Hall, Panbazar, Guwahati.  The CEC members from all the seven Districts took part in the CEC which was addressed by our beloved GS, Com G L Jogi and AGS Com. A Khan. Both the CHQ leaders appreciated the struggle initiated by Assam SNEA(I) against corruption  in different level of the Circle Management. They expressed our Circle Association as the Circle of think tank so far SNEA is concerned. The GS addressed the house covering almost all the recent ongoing issues and urged our members to think and work positively towards revenue growth.


Some of the important Discussion in the CEC:


  1. CEC discussed the last agitation program lunched by ASSAM Circle in detail. Though the outcome of our struggle was not achieved as desired, it had given a good impact on the management and SNEA in this Circle will go on struggling against corruption in any level.
  2. Comprehensive O & M tender for Non BSNL Site BTSs: Association has changed its earlier stand and decides (A) the process is to be started from SSA (B) Scope of the tender is to be reviewed (C) Cost of the tender should come down.
  3. CEC discussed on IP sites and opined that it is doubtful whether BSNL Assam Circle is a beneficiary from these IP Sites. This matter will be taken up with the Circle Management immediately.
  4. For smooth processing and to reduce penalty, at SSA level, a separate CELL headed by one/two SDEs  may be opened.
  5. Office accommodation of CGM/TF at BSNL Bhawan, Panbazar: The matter has been taken up by the GS. Immediately, CS will send all the relevant documents to the CHQ.
  6. Expansion of EVDO service : CEC asked the CS to take up the matter with CGMT.
  7. CEC decides for officiating in  SDE & DE cadres. The CS will take up the issue with CGMT  at the earliest.